Graham Hospital School of Nursing

School Overview

Graham Hospital and the School of Nursing are located in the southwest portion of Canton, Illinois, approximately three blocks from the downtown business district.

The original need for a hospital in Canton arose during an epidemic of typhoid fever in the winter of 1904 and 1905 when many residents became ill. A large house was leased on South Second Avenue to be used as a hospital, and was called the Canton Public Hospital. A lack of funds closed this hospital within a year. The area residents were without hospital facilities until October 4, 1909, when the original structure of the Graham Hospital, a gift of Misses Alice and Caroline Graham, was formally opened and dedicated to the public. The school also began operating at this time.

The original structure had approximately 30 beds, with 12 beds plus room areas used as living quarters for student nurses, the supervisor and faculty members. Six students graduated in 1913, the first graduation ceremony of the Graham Hospital School of Nursing. The Graham Hospital School of Nursing was approved by the Illinois Department of Registration and Education on October 18, 1923, as a three-year diploma school. It achieved National League for Nursing accreditation in 1968, now known as Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), an accreditation reserved for quality educational programs in nursing.

Graham Hospital is the primary clinical facility utilized. Clinical experiences also occur in other area hospitals. Students participate in a variety of community agencies which gives exposure to the increasing home health aspects of health care. Students attend Spoon River College, three miles southwest of the city, for general education courses in the curriculum.

The philosophy and objectives of this hospital based professional nursing program are implemented throughout the curriculum. All nursing courses are taught by the instructional staff of the home school. Spoon River College courses are taught concurrently with the school of nursing.

All nursing courses include both classroom and clinical nursing experiences which allow students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom. Nursing courses build upon content from biological, physical, and psychosocial sciences.

Upon completion of the nursing curriculum and required general education component, the student will receive a diploma in nursing from Graham Hospital School of Nursing.