Mission, Program Goals & Student Learning Outcomes


Graham Hospital School of Nursing will continuously achieve excellence in diploma nursing education.

Program Goals

The graduate of this program will be able to:

  • Function as a beginning practitioner in a variety of health care settings providing nursing care for individuals, families, and groups.
  • Utilize the roles of provider, manager, leader, teacher, communicator, advocate, and professional team member to actualize professional nursing.
  • Deliver theoretically based holistic care throughout the life cycle.

Pursue professional life long learning.

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the curriculum, the student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate professional values in relationship to self, profession, and society.
  • Analyze theoretical and empirical knowledge from the biological, physical, and psychosocial sciences and nursing as a basis for formulating nursing practice decisions.
  • Utilize the nursing process in a variety of settings to provide health care to individuals, families, and groups throughout the life cycle.
  • Use the roles of direct provider of care, manager, leader, teacher, communicator, client advocate, and professional team member to coordinate, facilitate, and improve the quality of health and the delivery of health care in a variety of settings.
  • Analyze theoretical knowledge relevant to human adaptation to assist individuals, families, and groups experiencing change on the wellness/illness continuum.
  • Evaluate the internal and external environment to promote the optimum wellness of man.
  • Formulate nursing practice decisions that recognize man’s basic needs, inherent dignity, self-worth, holistic nature, and self-determination.
  • Use the process of critical thinking to enhance the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and attitudes.