COVID-19 Update
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Graham Hospital is aware of the CDC announcement regarding fully vaccinated individuals and the masking recommendations. Graham Health System (Graham Hospital and Graham Medical Group) is licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH); therefore, we must comply with the regulations of IDPH.

All faculty, staff, and students must either have full COVID vaccination or an exemption on file by January 3rd, 2022. Students, staff, and faculty with an exemption on file will be required to continue weekly testing in lieu of vaccination. Failure to comply will result in denied access to campus and voluntary termination from the program (students) or employment (faculty/staff).

All school faculty, staff, and students; hospital staff; patients; volunteers; and visitors are screened at the front door and receive a mask to wear.  You must use the mask given to you at the screening station and wear it at all times while on campus.

To help prevent the spread of Covid-19:

  • Get vaccinated.
  • Wear your mask.
  • Wash your hands frequently.
  • Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer frequently (found throughout the building).
  • Social distance six feet apart when possible.
  • Report immediately any signs or symptoms to your instructor or the school director. Symptoms can include cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing; fever or chills; muscle or body aches; vomiting or diarrhea; and/or new loss of taste or smell.
  • Report as soon as possible any exposure to your instructor or the school director.
  • Follow instructions to quarantine/test if ordered.
    • If you have a temperature upon entrance or report signs or symptoms of COVID, you will be given instructions on completing a rapid COVID test before entering the building.
    • All faculty, staff, or students who are symptomatic and waiting for a test must leave the facility and stay out until their test results are back.
    • If the test is negative you may return and report to class.
    • If you are positive you will be instructed to go home and wait for further instructions from employee health or the health department.

Current students needing to use the computer lab may reserve a computer and time prior to coming to campus.  To reserve a computer/time, call (309) 647-5240 ext. 2343, email, or sign up on the sheet on the door. Use hand sanitizer. When you are finished, flip the card over to show that the computer has been used and needs sanitized. 

To use library resources: enter through the door across from the computer lab, use hand sanitizer, and sign in on the sheet provided.  The library quarantines all returning materials, as well as all items you’ve looked, browsed, or handled, for 24 hours, FOR YOUR SAFETY.  If you’ve touched it, put it in the quarantine box.

Individuals are encouraged to seek information from health care providers, state health authorities, and the Centers for Disease Control at

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