Graham Hospital is aware of the CDC announcement regarding fully vaccinated individuals and the masking recommendations. 

Graham Health System (Graham Hospital and Graham Medical Group) are licensed by The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH); therefore, we must comply with the regulations of IDPH.  

HEERF Report First 30 Days: 5/28/2020

HEERF Report First 45 Days: 6/29/2020

HEERF Final Report: 9/30/2020

First Quarter Institution Portion Quarterly Report: 10/23/2020

FIPSE Report First 30 Days: 12/8/2020

Second Quarter Institution Portion Quarterly Report 2: 1/6/2021

HEERF Annual Report: 1/8/2021

HEERF II Report First 30 Days: 2/10/2021

Third Quarter Institution Portion Quarterly Report 3: 4/5/2021

HEERF III Report First 30 Days: 6/12/2021

HEERF II First Quarter Report 2021: 6/26/2021

HEERF I, II, III Quarterly Report: 7/9/2021

HEERF I, II, III Student Funds Second Quarter Report: 7/9/2021