Technology in the School

The Graham Hospital School of Nursing Technology Committee was formed in January of 2005 to meet the growing need for electronic services to support the curriculum and to assist faculty, students and staff. In 2006, it was approved by the Faculty Organization as a standing committee.

The mission of the SON Technology Committee is to promote the appropriate integration of technology into areas of instruction, student services and school administration.

Graham Hospital School of Nursing supports the curriculum with the latest technology for use by faculty, staff and students. There is a 15 workstation computer lab available 24/7 for students. The lab is staffed to help students with technology needs from 7:00am-3:30pm Monday- Fridays. The School also has a cart of 22 laptops for use in classrooms and other on-campus locations that have a variety of curriculum based software, access to the hospital network, as well as high-speed Internet access. Many of the GHSON classes utilize simulation technology as described here:  Graham Hospital School of Nursing – Simulation. The School utilizes social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest to promote professional networking opportunities and updates for students. In May 2014, GHSON was awarded a National Library of Medicine Greater Midwest Region grant to purchase iPads for use in the Community Nursing course. These will be tested and evaluated for possible use in other courses.

Technology Committee Representatives

Representatives to the School of Nursing Technology Committee 2021-2022

Administrative: Rebecca Sherwood

Faculty: Lisa Burch, Regina Cox

Students: Jacquelyn Curry, Alternate: Lindsy McGaughey

Library: Michelle Quinones

Technology Coordinator: Lynette Murphy

Information Services: John Lovell, Randy Williams


Technology Committee Goals 2021-2022

  • The Technology Committee will work with administration and planners to facilitate effective application of technology in the remodel of SON classrooms, offices and labs. 
  • Selected laptops and desktops in the School will be updated.
  • EvaExam online testing system will be implemented and instructors will be trained in its use. Eva Exam will be evaluated following the first semester.
  •  Turnitin will be investigated for purchase as a plagiarism checker for instructors and students.
  • The Adult Simulation Lab AV equipment will be updated.
  • The School Director and Admissions coordinator will received new printers.
  • Blackboard will be replaced with Canvas learning management system. all  instructors will be trained in its use.
  • Shadow Health will be investigated as digital clinical experiences.
  • Training will be provided to appropriate staff and instructors for the new patient simulators, Noelle and Pediatric Hal.

Recommended Websites

Technology in Education Websites Recommended by the SON Technology Committee

Atomic Learning: Subscription based provider of 110+ software training tutorials. Can sample some for free.

Educause: Teaching and Learning One section of the vast EDUCAUSE website focusing on using technology in education

Gapminder: “For a fact-based world view,” including statistics relating to health and healthcare

Gaumard Scientific: Information newsletter, and more about simulation with Gaumard products.

HEAL: Health Education Assets Library: National Digital Library. Free, high quality, digital materials for health services education. Searchable by collection and subject.      

Hot Potatoes: From Half-Baked Software, The Hot Potatoes suite includes six applications, enabling you to create interactive multiple-choice, short-answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and gap-fill exercises for the World Wide Web. Hot Potatoes is not freeware, but it is free of charge for those working for publicly-funded non-profit-making educational institutions, who make their pages available on the web

Illinois Nurse Aide Testing: Performance skills videos for evaluating Certified Nurse Aide training.

Kathy Schrock: Ideas, links, slide shows, etc. on education and teaching focused on technology issues and ideas. 

Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching: Searchable by Health Sciences collection and keyword. Membership is free.

NMC Horizon Report: 2015 Higher Education Edition This “is a collaborative effort between the NMC and the EUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI). This 12th edition describes annual findings from the NMC Horizon Project, an ongoing research project designed to identify and describe emerging technologies likely to have an impact on learning, teaching, and creative inquiry in education.”

Nursing Study Tips:“Whether you’re studying for exams, preparing for your first clinical rotation or seeking tools to simplify your workload and boost your comprehension, the Study Tips section of NurseZone offers helpful hints, study aids, and useful tools and references to help get you started.”

Puzzlemaker: Discovery Education Application that creates a variety of puzzle formats from your own word list for free. Useful for Blackboard and other online learning.

StudyBlue: Flashcards, review sheets, quizzes, study guides. Large collection of online study materials with user-generated digital notecards. 

Study Stack: Free flashcards on nursing topics or create your own.