Students interested in admission to Graham Hospital School of Nursing must submit an application and arrange to have a pre-admission interview.

Applications are reviewed in December and March. Deadlines for submission of all required application materials is November 15th for the December review and February 15th for the March review. If a class maximum is not reached following the March review, additional applicants for admission will be considered at the discretion of the Admission, Retention, Promotion & Graduation Committee. Applicants will be notified of their admission status in writing after the review dates.

Once the Freshman class is filled, a waiting list will be established for that year. Students who are placed on the waiting list and not admitted for the current year are not guaranteed admission the following academic year, they must reapply.

Application Procedure

  • A completed application form and $40.00 application fee. (Download from Quick Links)
  • Official transcripts from all high schools, and postsecondary institutions. An official transcript is one that is mailed directly to the School of Nursing by high schools and colleges/universities.
  • A.C.T. and/or S.A.T. scores (School Code for A.C.T. is 1171).
  • Three letters of recommendation using the provided Personal Reference Form.  (Download from Quick Links)
  • The applicant must also complete an interview with the Coordinator of Admissions, Recruitment, and Financial Aid.
  • A completed Essential Functions for Student of Nursing Form. (Download from Quick Links)
  • Graham Hospital Association makes a Uniform Conviction Information Act (UCIA) check on all new hires, which includes fingerprinting. This criminal background check includes students applying to Graham Hospital School of Nursing.
  • Applicants must also complete a drug screening test prior to final acceptance to Graham Hospital School of Nursing.

Minimum Requirements for Admission *

  • The applicant must have graduated from a state approved high school, with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.75 on a 4.00 scale, or have obtained a G.E.D., and received a grade of “C” or better in each of the following courses at either high school or college level (1 unit equals 1 year of high school or 1 semester of college):
    A. English……………………………………………………3 units
    B. Algebra……………………………………………………2 units
    (2 years of high school algebra or intermediate college algebra)
    C. Geometry…………………………………………………1 unit
    (1 year of high school or college geometry)
    D. Biology……………………………………………………1 unit
    (High School within last 5 years or college BIO 105/or equivalent)
    E. Chemistry…………………………………………………1 unit
    F. Social Sciences………………………………………….2 units
  • The applicant must have an A.C.T. composite of 20 or an S.A.T. score of 940.
  • Consideration will be given to applicants who do not meet the above requirements but have demonstrated success on the college level by completing at least seven transfer credits, including a science, with a 2.75 G.P.A
  • The applicant must have a favorable Criminal Background Check from the Illinois State Police and a negative drug screening test done by Graham Hospital. * All applicants need to be aware that meeting standards at the minimum level does not insure admission to the school.
  • Acceptance
    • A letter confirming or denying admission will be sent to the applicant.
    • Upon acceptance of admission a non-refundable fee of $75.00 is required.
    • The Cumulative Health and Immunization Report(school form) must be completed by July 1st.
    • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) card – Health Care Provider.

Transfer Students

Transfer students from other nursing programs are accepted through completion of the regular admission criteria. Applicants are considered on an individual basis for course placement and must be enrolled in this school a minimum of one year prior to graduation.

Transfer students must meet the same requirements as those in the class to which they are seeking admission. The applicant is required to:

  • Have completed comparable subjects and content courses, reviewed by appropriate faculty and the Admission, Retention, Promotion, and Graduation Committee.
  • Submit official transcript(s) and course description(s) from previous nursing schools and colleges for transfer credit. Nursing credits must have been earned within the past 3 years.

International Student Application

International students must meet the same admission qualifications as other students in the program. Transcripts from secondary schools and/or postsecondary institutions must be official, recorded in English and sent directly to the School of Nursing. To receive financial aid, the school must have a valid student aid report on record stating that citizenship status has been confirmed by the Homeland Security and that they meet the citizenship requirements for federal student aid.

Advanced Placement of Licensed Practical Nurses

Advance Placement of LPN is based on space availability.

Applicants who have graduated from practical nursing programs may be eligible for advanced placement after satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Application procedure.
  • Official transcript from LPN program attended.
  • Evidence of current LPN licensure. Applicants who are eligible for licensure may petition to waive the licensure requirement.
  • Satisfactory completion of BIO 200 and BIO 201 (Anatomy & Physiology), PSY 130 (Gen. Psychology), H.S. 106 (Nutrition), or their equivalent with a grade of “C” or better.
  • Satisfactory completion of adult physical assessment by one of the following options:
    • Completion of approved physical assessment course from another institution.
    • Self-study with satisfactory demonstration of adult physical assessment.
  • Current American Heart Association Basic Life Support (BLS) card- Health Care Provider.

Credit for Prior Learning

Applicants who have met the criteria for advanced placement with satisfactory completion of the adult physical assessment requirement shall receive 15 nursing credits toward the completion of our diploma program and will enter the program at the 2nd year, taking NUR 210 during the fall semester. Applicants who have met the criteria for advanced placement without satisfactory completion of the Adult Physical Assessment requirements shall receive 7 nursing credits toward the completion of our diploma program and will enter the program at the 1st year, second semester, taking NUR 111.

Advance Placement of CNAs

Applicants who are certified nursing assistants may be eligible for advanced placement after satisfactory completion of the following:

  • Application procedure
  • Official transcript from CNA program
  • Evidence of passage of the nurse aid competency examination

Applicants who meet advance placement criteria have the following options:

  • Elect not to attend NUR 110 during the class sessions when CNA material is presented. OR
  • Audit CNA sessions of NUR 110.

Applicants should discuss these options with the NUR 110 instructors at the start of the academic year. After successful completion of NUR 110, students can apply to the state to test for their CNA license.

Full and Part-Time Status

A full-time student is defined as a student who is registered for 12 or more semester hours per academic semester. A student who is registered for less than 12 hours is considered part-time.

Students should remain aware of the five year limitation for completion of the nursing course sequence.

Disability Support Services Policy

In order to initiate services, new students must complete the Student Request for Disability Support Services form, available from the Coordinator of Admissions, Recruitment, and Financial Aid, and submit appropriate documentation for verification of their disability.   The type of accommodation may vary depending on the type of disability.