Thank you for your interest in Graham Hospital School of Nursing. Founded in 1909, we are a three-year (27 months) fully accredited diploma program, which has maintained a 109-year tradition of educational excellence. Our graduates are respected for their broad base of theoretical knowledge and clinical expertise.

Nursing education at Graham is enhanced by the School’s relationship to Graham Hospital. Our direct link to a health care facility enables us to quickly recognize and respond to changes in the health care delivery system. In response to such changes, the faculty revised the curriculum to increase content in critical care nursing, leadership, geriatrics, home health and community nursing. The School has a long history of involvement in the use of community health care agencies as clinical sites for our students.

Our graduates benefit from having a broad educational base as well as having additional college credits to transfer should they decide to pursue further education in Nursing. The School has a cooperating agreement with Spoon River College to provide our support or general education courses. Many of our graduates have successfully completed baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programs and are employed in a variety of settings.

A low student/faculty ratio promotes personalized attention and the development of working relationships with instructors and staff. A fully equipped computer lab provides our students with the opportunity to utilize computer assisted instructional aids as well as word processing capabilities for completion of written course assignments. We continue to update our skills lab by adding new equipment and increasing the use of our simulation lab. This year, we will be adding a five year old pediatric patient simulator to our pediatric simulation. The school currently has three simulation laboratories that include an adult male, Noelle birthing mother, and two Baby Hals.

Nursing is an exciting and challenging career which can offer unlimited opportunities to practice in a wide variety of settings.

Susan Livingston, R.N.C., M.S.N.
Director, School of Nursing