Graham Hospital School of Nursing

Technology in the School

Graham Hospital School of Nursing supports the curriculum with the latest technology for use by faculty, staff and students. There is a 12 workstation computer lab available 24/7 for students. The lab is staffed to help students with technology needs from 7:00am-3:30pm Monday- Fridays. The School also has 84 laptops for use in classrooms and other on-campus locations that have a variety of curriculum based software. Many of the GHSON classes utilize simulation technology as described here:  Graham Hospital School of Nursing – Simulation. The School utilizes social media such as Facebook, to promote professional networking opportunities and updates for students.

Technology Committee Representatives

Representatives to the School of Nursing Technology Committee 2023-2024

Administration: Holly Henline, Cristy Lafary

Faculty: Lisa Burch, Regina Cox

Student(s): Danielle Sill, Whitney Young (alternative)

Coordinator of Student Affairs: Shelby Boster

Technology Coordinator: Lynette Murphy

Information Services: Kyle Lavery, Michael Stockov, Randy Williams, and Nathan Lawson


Technology Committee Goals 2023-2024

  • The Technology Committee will work with administration and planners to facilitate the effective application of technology in the remodel of SON classrooms, offices, and labs. 
  • Selected laptops and desktops in the school will be updated.
  • Will purchase Avkin wearable simulators and provide training for Faculty and Staff.
  • Discuss OB classroom enlargement and potentially relocating the OB simulation lab.
  • Replace MegaCode Kelly Simulator. Utilize MegaCode Kelly as a manikin.
  • Adding additional testing cameras to current testing rooms.
  • Replace Adobe Pro with Foxit.